Amersfoort is home town to the FAMUN conference. Located in the middle of the country it has grown from what used to be a trading centre to a cultural hotspot

Public transportation

Amersfoort has very wide public transportation services. Amersfoort is known for being the centre of many big public transportation links with one of the top-10 biggest train stations in the Netherlands. With more than 20 different bus lines driving through the city centre and the outskirts of Amersfoort, you will with no struggle be able to get to any destination! You may find any other information on Public transportation through the Netherlands and Amersfoort on this website.

Amersfoort City Centre


Amersfoort has an extremely diverse city centre offering many possibilities for leisure time spending. ''De Lange Straat'' (free translation: the long street) is home to different stores offering different products ranging from food to clothing and from technology to health products. There is no doubt that anybody will be able to find a store attracting their interest.
Since December 2013 there is a new major shopping square known as the ''Eemplein'' which houses a cinema, multiple restaurants and the ''Eemhuis'' where you may find a library, many different art schools and on the other side of the building a modern art Museum: kAdE.



The city centre of Amersfoort is very well known for its enormous range of historical buildings. The Muurhuizen are one of the main attractions, houses in what used to be the outer walls of the medieval town. Part of these outer walls is the Koppelpoort, a gate which used to be one of the few ways to enter the town by foot and the only by water!
Another attraction which you may see everywhere throughout Amersfoort is the ''Onze-Lieve-Vrouwetoren'' which translates to the ''Our-Dear-Ladytower''. Eventhough the church right besides it filled with blackpowder exploded due to imprudence of a laboratory assistant in the 18th century, the tower survived!


Night life

Having moved into a new building a few years ago, live music venue ''Fluor'' (which translates to "the Basement") is looking to expand it's audience. With the line-up ranging from pop to indie and from techno to rock, any taste of music will be entertained during the weekend.
Amersfoort is a city with endless possibilities during the evening and nighttime. With over 100 restaurants and more than 50 cafés, pubs and clubs, anybody's wish can be fulfilled! The place to be during the evening is ''De Hof''' which transforms from a market square to the dining and partying headquarters of Amersfoort during the evening.
The evening is the perfect time to take a walk in Amersfoort. Many architectural and historical gems have recently been provided with special lightning so you'll be able to fully enjoy the city's hotspots.

Of course, there will be an official FAMUN party near the end of the conference, we will be releasing more information about this as soon as possible!


One thing there is no doubt about is that Amersfoort offers endles possibilities to spend your spare time during FAMUN 2020. Although we would love tell you a lot more about this city, we believe we gave you the right impression for now.
For further information regarding Amersfoort, please click here to be redirected to the website of Amersfoort's official tourist office.