World Health Organisation (WHO)

The United Nations Educations World Health Organisation (WHO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations, with particular focus on public health. Its priorities include communicable diseases, such as HIV, Malaria and Ebola. The World Health Organisation is the body responsible for the global World Health Survey and World Health Day.


  1. Implementing global standard conditions for prisons

  2. Applying measures to improve global vaccination rates


  1. Austria

  2. Belgium

  3. Canada

  4. Central African Republic

  5. China

  6. France

  7. Germany

  8. Italy

  9. Japan

  10. Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of

  11. Latvia

  12. Netherlands

  13. Nigeria

  14. Norway

  15. Philippines

  16. Russian Federation

  17. Singapore

  18. Switzerland

  19. Syrian Arab Republic

  20. Thailand

  21. Ukraine

  22. United Kingdom

  23. United States

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